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I am driven by a passion for food and foreign cultures. I think that you can learn a lot about people only by getting to know their food preferences. I graduated from culinary school in my home country and then opened my own bakery. I sold my business and started working for a luxurious cruise ship company for 18 years, fascinated by the opportunity to travel and discover other cultures and their food. During this time, I completed several trainings and seminars in Management and Guest Service for the Hotel Industry. Back in my home country, I worked as a food advisor for restaurants and as a private chef. Due to my vast experience, I deliver highly professional service, fun and unforgettable moments.


Nelo Privatechef

Riehlstr 10

65203 Wiesbaden


tel. +49  176 - 4782 - 4063

Email : info@nelo-privatechef,com

Geschäftsführer: Ion Petrache

Unternehmen nach Kleinunternehmerregelung §19 UStG. Daher wird keine Mehrwertsteuer (Mwst.) ausgewiesen. 

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