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Round Chocolates

Let's go Party!

Cooking to impress 

80 Euro p/p  Minim 4 participants

class menu3.jpg

Menu 3

Insalata Caprese

Fresh baked focaccia

Sanbeiji - 3 cups chicken

Peanut butter and chocolate cake

4 hours class for min 4 persons


Menu 4

Tuna and fusilli spring salat

Healthy Parmigiana

Chocolate with tonka flavour and raspberies tart

4 hours class  for min 4 persons

class menu1.jpg

Menu 1

 Savory Muffins 3 way

Salmon en Papillote with broccoli

and almond flakes,

Banana Balls on coffee mascarpone cream

4 hours class for min  4 persons


Menu 2

Grilled Veggies

Fresh baked focaccia

Pork or chicken with peas and gorgonzola sauce.

Matcha Tiramisu glass

4 hours class for min  4 persons

class mexican.jpg

Special! Mexican full party

Nachos with cheese and 3 way salsa

Black beans, ham and chilly

Fajitas with grilled vegetables

Chocolate Brownie with vanilla ice cream

4 hours class for min 4 persons


Ciao Italia

Tagliatelle with mushroom fantasy

Dorada Aqua Pazza 

Tiramisu Meringato

4 hours class  for Min 4 persons

Birthday Party with Ice Cream

Kids Party Class coming soon

Let's have fun!!!

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